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MEOFL lead and collaborative refereed publications since Hanley's arrival at SMU in 2008 (* indicates trainee under Hanley’s supervision):


46.  A. Roy-Garand, E. Adlkaha, J. Hanley, V. Elongo, P. Lecumberri-Sanchez, H. Falck and B. Boucher (2021) Paragenesis, mineral chemistry and geochronology of apatite from the Mactung W-Cu-Au deposit, Canada. Mineralium Deposita, submitted (Manuscript MIDE-S-21-00159)

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44.  M. Zentilli, M.C. Graves, R. Mathur, J.J. Hanley, L.M. Heaman, and R. Boric (2021) Locating the missing half of the giant Chuquicamata porphyry Cu deposit, Chile. Economic Geology, in press.

43.  *D. LeFort, J.J. Hanley, D. Ames, and C. Davis (2021) Mineralogy and distribution of arsenic and the platinum-group elements (PGE) in shear-hosted magmatic sulfide ores, Garson Mine, Sudbury, Canada. Canadian Mineralogist, submitted

42.   J. Sanz-Robinson, T. Brisco, O. Warr, I. Jabeen, G. Lacrampe-Couloume, J.J. Hanley, and B. Sherwood-Lollar (2021) Advances in techniques for carbon isotope signatures of CH4 and hydrocarbons in trapped paleofluids. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, accepted and in revision (Manuscript no. RCM-21-0057)

41.  J.J. Hanley, *A. Terekhova, *P. Drake, K. Cottreau-Robins, R. Lewis, and *B. Boucher (2021) Geochemical provenance of copper in pre-contact artifacts on the Maritime Peninsula, Eastern Canada. In (K.R. Holyoke and M.G. Hrynick, eds) The Far Northeast: 3000 BP to Contact. Canadian Museum of History, Mercury Series, in press

40.  *M. Kerr, J.J. Hanley, and D. Kontak (2021) Application of bulk fluid volatile chemistry to exploration for metasedimentary rock-hosted orogenic gold deposits: An example from the Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, v. 226, 106764.

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36.  Z. Zhang, Y. Fedortchouk, J.J. Hanley, and *M. Kerr (2020) Diamond resorption and immiscibility of C-O-H fluid in kimberlites: Evidence from experiments in the H2O-CO2-SiO2-MgO-CaO system at 1-3 GPa. Lithos, v. 380-381, 105858

35.  *E. Slater, J.J. Hanley, T. Mulja, M. Zentilli, and *C. Trottier (2020) Epithermal mineralization in the Busang Southeast Zone, Indonesia: New Insight into the Au Prospect at the Centre of the Bre-X Fraud. Minerals, v. 10, 698.


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